"Our child is so excited to go to school every day"
“My child has developed a love of learning beyond what I could have ever imagined”
“Positive Discipline has inspired us to be a stronger, happier family and we see the impact it is having on our child's learning every day at school”
“I am thrilled that my child is getting the highest level of academic rigor in a spiritually meaningful environment”
“I love that my kid is getting the Jewish education that I never had”
“Because there is no mandatory homework my child has the passion and energy to learn outside the classroom”
“Since switching to IHDS my child is learning more than ever without stress”
“I know my child will achieve great things in her life because IHDS is preparing her to reach her full potential. Whether she is a scientist or an artist, I know she will be the best at what she does.”
“I scoured the market for the best school in Orange County and I was grateful to have found IHDS”
"We are learning about respectful communication and interpersonal problem-solving from our kindergartener!"
"My wife and I are stunned by the connections that our child makes at home, drawing upon academic concepts learned at school."
"At IHDS our child is not only learning content, but learning how to ask questions and think deeply to find answers"