Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What grades will you offer this Fall?

A: In 2018-2019 IHDS will have Kindergarten through 5th grade. We will be adding one new grade each year to support the organic growth of our community.

Q: Does IHDS curriculum align with the Common Core State Standards?

A: Our General Studies curriculum is fully aligned with Common Core. In fact, IHDS curriculum is the “gold standard” and exceeds state expectations in all core subject areas. A variety of assessment tools are utilized to determine student benchmarks and growth. 

Q: What is the affiliation of the Irvine Hebrew Day School?

A: IHDS is an independent Jewish Day School that welcomes all Jewish families.

Q: How does IHDS meet the needs of all learners, including gifted students?

A: IHDS has highly experienced educators who are skilled at implementing engaging, differentiated curriculum so that all students reach their full potential. We encourage students to think critically, and find multiple ways of solving problems. In this way, IHDS encourages different modalities of learning, supporting those with learning needs and those who are identified as highly gifted.