D’vorah Miller has been teaching formally and informally, children and adults, for over two and a half decades across four continents. D’vorah holds a Judaic studies teaching certification from Bnot Chayil College in Jerusalem, a general teaching certification from the New South Wales Board of Education in Australia and a diploma in therapeutic counseling from MST college in London.

D’vorah and her husband, Rabbi Shmuel Miller, served as Rabbinical couple in Cape Town, South Africa where D’vorah facilitated youth and adult workshops on relationships, self-esteem and spirituality. D’vorah has published Divrei Torah and articles on effective parenting and personal growth. Rabbi Shmuel and D’vorah are the blessed parents of eight children, three wonderful daughters-in-law and a son-in-law, and precious grandchildren.

D’vorah grew up in southern CA and returns excitedly to a familiar landscape after nearly three decades of globetrotting. D’vorah is eager to begin her work as Director of Jewish Studies at Irvine Hebrew Day School.